The Big Apple

New York

Winterterm Academie van Bouwkunst 3e jaar





Swimming to Manhattan




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A park, hidden in the Upper Bay, that will secure the future of New York…


At the bottom of the Upper Bay there’s a mysterious, hidden park. A park like no other. Here you’ll find a world of opposites: you can experience the tides of the sea in a great and exciting way, where water flows over the walls and clatters to the ground. Contrary to this is the serenity you’ll find in the big apple orchard in the heart of the park.


When this Big Apple will be embraced by the New Yorkers, they will know this isn’t only a fantastic place to be, they will know their lives in New York depend on it. This Apple will protect the residents of New York against future flooding. The apple isn’t only an attraction, but it’s also a flexible flood barrier, that can be used when there’s a prediction that the water will reach to a dangerous level because of a coming storm. The skin of the apple consists of four enormous caissons, these make it possible that the whole apple will float when the reservoirs are emptied. In this mode the apple can be pushed to the submerged docks where it opens, and will be filled up with water again in order to secure to the ground and close the Narrows from the sea. From this moment on the Island which makes the whole construction stable is free; it can float around and becomes a visible island in the Upper Bay.


The apple leaf consists of two caissons and will close the East river. The caissons all have a emergency floater that will make sure that with rising waterlevels the water can’t enter the bay. When using the tides in a clever way the apple can be easily placed in the right position. This can take place within 24 hours. Because of the marine we suggest a shipping lock in the Kill van Kull.


Swimming to Manhattan